How To Take Care of Your Balls Properly in 4 Steps

How To Take Care of Your Balls Properly in 4 Steps

As much as we prize and love our boys, realistically, they get almost no love from us. We wonder why they’re so itchy or sweaty all the time, not realizing that it’s our fault. So we wanted to break down a few things you need to do in order to take better care of your little buddies down south.

1. Wash Your Testicles Properly

Any self-respecting man will know that you have to wash often. So everyday, you’ll take a shower and during that shower you’ll give a nice scrubbing around your balls with soap. This is all good for helping you remove excess oils and dirt that can build up around your undercarriage, and help fend off germs, but there is much more to washing your testicles than just dousing it with soap and then rinsing afterwards.

Your family jewels actually have thinner skin and are much more delicate than other parts of your body. Consequently, this makes them more prone to irritation, and this means you can’t treat them like any other body parts. For this reason, pay attention to what soap you’re using. Many commonly available soaps tend to have a lot of ingredients that can irritate the skin. Use gentle body wash or soap that is fragrance-free.

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2. Keep Your Boys Dry

Here’s a simple formula to remember. Moisture = germs. The dryer your balls are, the better it is.

First, when you’ve thoroughly washed yourself and your boys, make sure to dry the area completely. If you’re uncircumcised, ensure that it’s dry under your foreskin because residual moisture can stick around.

Of course, the hard part is keeping them dry, so combatting sweat is going to be your number one priority. The downside of sweat around your balls is numerous. It makes your marbles itch, chafe, stick to places, and it also brings germs. Thus, powder your package. Make sure to cover the entire area, including your inner thigh. The powder helps keep moisture at bay and prevents chafing. Make sure to also buy body powder that is talcum-free because talcum can be carcinogenic.

If you don’t want to create a mess around the bathroom with all that powder, you can alternatively invest in a cream. It is less cumbersome to apply, and it still keeps your groin dry. Look into the ingredients and make sure that they’re free of talcum and aluminum as well as other potentially harmful ingredients. A cream can also be a good option for guys whose skin gets way too dry, which isn’t good either. It causes your testicles to become itchy and flaky. So instead of over-drying with powder, going with cream which soothes and dries your balls is the better choice.

3. Groom Your Undercarriage

Some guys like to mow the lawn down there because they think it looks better. There are also guys who may think manscaping makes their manhood look bigger. But the real reason why you should manscape is moisture. Pubic hair traps moisture and it can contribute to bad odor developing in your nether regions. Even just trimming it a bit helps.

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When you do decide to manscape, do not try to shave the area with any razors, because as we mentioned, your balls are very delicate and they have thinner skin. So cuts are more likely to happen on your testicles than anywhere else. Rather, you can start with your common beard trimmer without having to worry about getting hurt. These days there are also trimmers that are specifically adapted for use on your genitals. If you decide to shave it all off, you might be running the risk of shaving over infected skin or using a blade that has accumulated bacteria. In either scenario, you can infect the hair follicle; folliculitis is painful, so it’s imperative to keep the area clean.

4. Wear the right underwear

Lastly, you have to wear the right underwear. It is the single thing that probably touches your balls the most.


The main problems you can solve with wearing the correct underwear is with sweat management. This means you need to wear something that is breathable and absorbs moisture well. Cotton is a good option for this, and so is modal in fact.

Also, try to get a pair with a pouch because the pouch will keep your private parts in place. Otherwise, your package will get folded and pressed. Not only does that create discomfort, but it creates pockets of sweat and heat in between. In addition, the pouch allows for increased circulation of airflow, which allows for a more dry environment, preventing moisture from accumulation around your testicles.

However, if you’re someone who just sweats a lot down there naturally, then try to bring an extra pair of underwear in case it gets a bit too swampy. Because if you just let your balls fester in all that moisture, that’s a recipe for a fungal infection. 

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