What Is the Hole in Men's Underwear For? Here's the answer.

What Is the Hole in Men's Underwear For? Here's the answer.

The hole in men’s underwear. Have you ever wondered why it’s there? It’s often overlooked, but it is a big difference maker when it comes to men’s underwear. Even when you’re not actively using it to pull it out and do your business, it is an important part of the overall structure of your underwear. 

So today, let’s talk about this hole in the underwear. What is it for, and how did it get there? Are there other types of holes? God forbid one of them has a zipper (ouch). By the end, you’ll be the men’s underwear hole expert. Let’s get into it. 


Decoding the Hole in Men’s Underwear

First, it’s not exactly called a hole. It’s a fly. Like for your pants. Now that’s out of the way, let’s dive in on why that fly is there, and whether men actually use the fly or not. 


The purpose of the fly

The fly’s main purpose is to make going to the bathroom easier. It’s so that you can take out your penis without having to pull it all down. 

In fact, the fly essentially comes all the way from the codpiece of the middle ages. The codpiece was designed to open at the front using buttons, snaps, or laces so that men could urinate without having to remove everything. 

Of course functionally, it could also work when you and your partner need to make love on the fly. 


The current state of the fly

The thing about the fly is that not a lot of men use it, because the act of threading your junk through the hole is actually a bit inconvenient. Think about it for a moment. Let’s say you go to the urinal or the toilet to empty the bladder. You pull your fly down on your pants. At that point, a lot of men find it much more convenient to simply pull the waistband down rather than to dig through the fly in order to pull it out. In fact, research shows that only 1 in 5 men opt to use the fly. 


Benefits of the Fly

But don’t discount the fly just yet. There’s a reason why the fly still persists in men’s underwear design. Even when they’re not being used, they provide unique benefits. 


More optimized air flow

One of the primary benefits of the fly in men's underwear is its role in optimizing air flow. The presence of the fly allows for improved ventilation, promoting breathability and reducing moisture buildup in the groin area. This also contributes to overall comfort, especially during physical activities or in warmer climates, where proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining your boys fresh and dry. 


Extra fabric for absorbing leakage

Another advantage of the fly lies in its provision of extra fabric, particularly in styles with a larger or reinforced fly opening. This additional fabric serves as a protective barrier, helping to absorb any potential leakage and prevent it from wetting the outer layers of clothing.


Aesthetically pleasing

Beyond its functional benefits, the fly also plays a role in making you look better. The dual layer that wraps around your testicles can contour your crotch area nicely, leaving you with a snug bodyline that leaves nothing hanging loose. In case of buttons or snaps, it can also add a touch of sophistication and detail to the garment.


Types of Underwear Fly

The typical everyday boxer fly only has the open form, which is where a piece of fabric is layered over another. But in fact, there are several types of flies that you can get. 


Snap Fly

The snap fly, characterized by its snap-button closure, features buttons that snap open and close. To be fair, this style isn’t the most 


Button Fly

In contrast, the button fly incorporates a row of buttons along the front of the underwear. Already you can imagine the trouble you’d have opening and closing those pesky buttons on the front. But there are people who prefer this look. It’s definitely not the most convenient option. Also the buttons may feel a bit off. 


Side Open Fly

This is the most common design. The side open fly design, as the name suggests, doesn’t have any closure mechanism. It usually has a double fold of cloth so you can simply reach in and pull out your penis when you need to use it. 

The main issue with the side open fly is that since it’s on one side or the other, it becomes a problem if it’s on the side opposite your hand preference. So if the side if on the right, and you’re left handed, you need to reach over, and that is super inconvenient. 


Top Open Fly

The top open fly, a relatively newer innovation, is a twist on the more common side open fly. Basically the opening is on the top instead of the side. This thing is definitely an improvement on the side fly in that it makes pulling out your penis much easier. Your hand doesn’t have to reach over. 

Plus, it’s actually aesthetically more pleasing than the side fly, because side flies usually stick out like a sore thumb, whereas top flies are more inconspicuous. Plus, the side fly sometimes leads to your little friend poking its head out. Whereas the top fly secures all of your package at all times. 


Best Fly Design

The best fly design in our humble expert opinion, is the top open fly. It looks great. It is the easiest fly to use. It provides the most protection and comfort. 

Which is why we made one with the top fly. So if you’re looking for a good top fly underwear, we’ve got you covered with our ManMade Boxer Brief. 


Let it fly

So now you know all about the fly, its purpose, its origin, the various types of flies. Fun fact, the zipper fly is a thing, but it’s more of a novelty. Besides, who wants to risk getting their balls caught twice every time they go pee? 

Ultimately, the fly in men's underwear represents more than just a functional opening; it embodies the intersection of practicality, comfort, and style in men’s underwear. So even if you don’t use that hole often, know that it’s still there for other very important reasons. 

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